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Cristiano Signorino - Hybrid souls and writing

Often, when I look for rest in darkness, I think about the strangest things. It's almost if, confined the light out of the room, my mind become finally free to wander through the dark dimension that has arisen.

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Born September 27, 1979...
I was born September 27, 1979...
NBorn on a fall day...

Born ... and I would say this is a good start.

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Since 2008, I wrote a few short stories and a few novels, before taking a long break from writing. I think now many books are no longer available online, but I'll try to make them available again as soon as possible.
My two major works, however, are still available as ebooks on Amazon. These are the first two novels of a dark fantasy and urban fantasy trilogy, entitled Hybrid souls.

  • The first volume, translated by Isabella Cultrera and self published as ebook in 2013, is titled Hybrid souls. The revelation .
    The novel, consisting of about 230 pages, is set in the late '80s and revolves around the figure of Gabriel: a boy of twenty-four with a dramatic past and a present made of restlessness and desire for redemption. Just when the guy live his darkest hour, obscure figures will burst in his life, ready to offer him a dangerous escape from his sad everyday.
  • The second volume was self published, only in Italian, in 2012 and is titled Hybrid souls. The asylum of shadows

"What would happen if the stuff of which dreams are made could filter into a world from which the illusions have been banned? Perhaps the dreams would seek revenge and, with them, even nightmares."

Hybrid souls. The revelation

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To contact me you can use my Facebook page.

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